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Hygienilac started life as an antibacterial wood lacquer back in 2004 and has been specified by environmentally health conscious manufacturers ever since. One application lasts for up to ten years and Hygienilac is available in AC, PU, Polyester and Precat formats.

Here are just a few examples of superbug resistant Hygienilac being used in furniture and joinery:

Leaderflush Shapland
All of their veneered doors and door sets contain Hygienilac as standard

Wallis Office Furniture
Seat frames and upholstery are all treated with Hygienilac

Jenx supplies hospitals, schools and homes with Hygienilac treated therapeutic, developmental furniture for children with special needs

Solk Furniture
All of Solk’s NHS and care home furniture is treated with Hygienilac

Renray Healthcare
One of the UK’s leading NHS and care home furniture suppliers, Renray use Hygienilac to protects their tables and chairs

Wardray Premise
Specialising in radiation shielding for medical and industrial applications, Wardray Premise incorporates Hygienilac in their products

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