Hospitality and Leisure

With increasing numbers of people experiencing illness following a meal out, it is not just the kitchen area where bacteria can multiply and cause infection. Table tops and surfaces in hotels, restaurants, bars and leisure centres can be just as much a hazard to consumers.

Up to now there hasn't been a way to protect wood surfaces such as furniture, doors and floors from bacteria. But that's now changed with the introduction of a new biocidal wood lacquer called Hygienilac.

Hospitality and Leisure

Developed by Kettering based Premier Finishes, a specialist coatings company, Hygienilac is the only product of its kind that can provide long term protection against bacteria, including MRSA, for the lifetime of the lacquer - which could be as long as 10 years.

Hygienilac is believed to be the first biocidially proactive lacquer to be produced in the UK and it has been independently certified by one of the most respected microbiological labs in the UK, Bodycote Lawlabs in Birmingham.

The Food Standards Agency aims to bring down the number of food poisoning cases by 20% by 2006 and is running an ongoing Food Hygiene Campaign to raise awareness of food hygiene issues among catering businesses and the public to help reduce food poisoning. Hygienilac can play its part in helping the hospitality sector to achieve the FSA's goal.

So when you are planning your interior fit outs, make sure you specify Hygienilac wood lacquer.

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