Plastics and Rubber

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Superbug resistant Hygienilac can be locked into the matrix of polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene, and never wears off – ever. Think of any plastic product and Hygienilac will be suitable.

Here are just a few examples of antibacterial Hygienilac being used in plastic and rubber products:

Leaderflush Shapland
It’s used by the UK’s leading manufacturer of performance doors and door sets

Hush Puppies
It’s impregnated for life into the Hush Puppies BodyMoc range of foot bed insoles

Cellular Moulding
It’s added to all polyurethane foam used in Cellular Mouldings’ NHS elderly care components from wheelchairs to stretchers

Baby Point
Hygienilac is incorporated into the new moulded changing mat system for mother and baby rooms

The unique Hygienilac antibac pen provides an outstanding zone of bacterial inhibition

The Quantum Group have introduced Hygienilac into all of their products including supermarket checkout belts

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