Plastics and Rubber

Hygienilac is available as an additive for plastics.

When you think of all the areas which provide a perfect medium for the spread of bacterial infection, applications are numerous.


In offices:

  • door push plates, light switch covers, floor tiles, phones and keyboards

In hospitals and care homes:

  • bottle holders and bedpans, food trays and emergency and monitoring equipment

In pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels:

  • tables and chairs, menu covers, cruets and soap dispensers

In nurseries, schools and colleges:

  • furniture, educational toys and stationery products

In retail fashion:

  • Shoes - Hygienilac can be added to plastic insoles
  • Garments containing plastic such as macs

Hygienilac can be added to plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene. The additive is homogeneously distributed through the moulded part and locked into the resin matrix, so it never wears off unlike surface treatments. It can be added in masterbatch form, wet additive or even spray coating. Contact Premier Finishes for more information


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