Schools and Colleges

With the frequent publicity about the dangers of hospital-acquired MRSA infection, it's not surprising that extra measures are being taken by the Government to tackle the problem.

That's good news, but concern about the spread of bacterial infection isn't just confined to hospitals and catering establishments. Nurseries, schools and colleges are also fair game for bacteria to flourish. Young children are perhaps more vulnerable than older children, teenagers and young adults, but where you get large numbers of people associating in close quarters the chances of infection spreading throughout the building is high.

Schools and Colleges

This not only affects the students, teachers often have to take time off too, which can be disruptive to course work.

Up to now there hasn't been a way to protect wood surfaces such as furniture, doors, reception desks, handrails and floors from antibiotic resistant bacteria. But that's now changed with the introduction of a new biocidal wood lacquer called Hygienilac.

Hygienilac is the only product of its kind that can provide long term protection against antibiotic resistant bacteria, including MRSA, for the lifetime of the lacquer - which could be as long as 10 years.

Developed by Kettering based Premier Finishes, a specialist coatings company, Hygienilac is believed to be the first biocidially proactive lacquer to be produced in the UK and it has been independently certified by one of the most respected microbiological labs in the UK, Bodycote Lawlabs in Birmingham.

So when planning or refurbishing your building interiors you can now recommend a new wood lacquer to your architect or designer which will give the added benefit of close to permanent protection of surfaces against bacterial infection.

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